Sunday, January 31, 2010

More info on link I just posted

The link describes food allergies and the theory behind an elimination diet. In my mind, it's similar to when people do a cleanse or detox - basically we're trying to remove all traces of any food allegens from Jack's system which is why we're using a different/unique protein source than he's had before. Which is why it's "ostrich" vs. lamb or bison or something else that he may have had at one time. I know, you're probably thinking "seriously, her dog's had bison before??"...well yeah - I've bought the ground stuff in the grocery store when we were adding protein to his commercial diet. I'd vary that source - using ground turkey, lamb, beef, when vet suggested to pick something unique, I went with the ostrich.

Other options were venison or moose but since we didn't have a ready source of that, I chose ostrich. You can buy it online - They sell a dog grade version of it and I bought a shipment of 40 lbs. It comes in one lb. vacuum sealed packages. In a future post, I'll outline the steps I used to cook up the recipe as well as provide a cost comparison to purchasing commerical premium food. I packaged everything in single servings and froze it all. I defrost one portion at a time, morning and night, so pretty easy once I got thru the prep part (which took a long time).

Update on whether it seems to be working - in a word, yes. Cautiously optimistic. He's gained some weight back, coat is shiny, energy is better and he's not doing the AM "stop, drop and scratch" before he goes out each morning. We'll see....we've still got several weeks ahead of us.

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