Thursday, January 28, 2010

Progress yes, instant results no

Noticed Jack's scratching's most evident first thing in the AM - he'll stop to sit & scratch before he goes out or as I type this, I can hear him downstairs scratching. Not anywhere near like it was in the summer when the poor thing couldn't take two steps without having to stop and feel the need to scratch.

The info I have on the diet is that it takes the 60 days for all the allergen elements to get out of a dog's system so I suppose I can't expect it to be insta-cure in 6 days.

It was nice to hear when I picked them up at daycare last night that the workers there noted he had more energy yesterday - had a lot more interest in playing. The lack of energy was what I was observing last week (had me worried!) so good to hear what I was seeing reinforced by others.

Not as nice to hear Amos (his almost 11 month old brother) has a new skill - lifting his leg. Practicing it on the posts INSIDE the daycare play area!! Stinker!

Over the weekend, I'll look for an online version of the instructions for the diet and provide a link here.

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