Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Symptoms still seem to be improving

Dewey, who's been away for the last couple weeks and got home on Sunday night, is definitely noticing that Jack's appearance and coat seem better. He's impressed with how much Jack seems to love the new recipe (hello, he's a lab! even if it had dirt in it, he'd probably chow down). We both notice the scratching has nearly disappeared. Occassional short bouts of it but much much less....This weekend puts us two weeks into the diet.

Ordered more ostrich as we'll cook up a new batch over the weekend. Each 40 lb shipment of the ostrich lasts about 3 weeks. I have a trip coming up in mid-February so want to get enough prepared so Dewey doesn't have to tackle this while I'm gone. No, I'm not that considerate - I'm more afraid for my house and the mess he'd make if I wasn't here!

Next post, I'll detail the process I used to prepare the servings of the recipe. I'm sure there are other/better ways out there but so far, this works...

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